A family story

Neptune Food Products Ltd. is a family business, which was established in 1981, on the basis of a love of food in general, and spices in particular. The family’s connection to food, and to the desire to enhance it with all-encompassing flavors, is planted somewhere in faraway India, where the family’s ancestors traded in spices, and specialized in herb mixes,the secret of which is safely guarded to this day.

After more than three decades in the global spice market, and four generations of hard work, Neptune is one of Israel’s biggest importers of spices and raw ingredients for the food industry. The company imports, produces, markets and exports a range of unique blends of seasonings, high-quality spices, herbs, a wide range of excellent sauces and spreads, and rich spice mixes for rice and other products, forboth the commercial and retail markets.

“We’re a family who produce flavors that other families love” says Yonathan, the company’s CEO and owner. The factory  has recently grown from 400m2 to 2,800m2, and employees, whom Yonathan views as one big family,help to maintain the level of knowledge, contribute to innovation and insist on quality – principles which have been passed down through the family for four generations.

Insisting on variety, focusing on quality


In order to add flavor to food, and make it available toboth amateurs and professional chefs, gourmands and those who want to enjoy simple daily meals, Neptune products provide customers with a range of spices, seasoning mixes, spreads, sauces and rice blends.

“All of our products are like my children, but I am particularly proud of the products we have hardly any competitors for –Galilee Seasoning Mix Jerusalem Kebab, Dead Sea Salt Seasoning and Steak Seasoning mix” says Yonatan.

Our complementary products include: falafel mixes, Seasoned Bread Crumbsand soup powders.

All products are sold by weight or in packages  andare available at retailers across the country. Find Retailer



The spices in Neptune’s  come directly from the fields in which they are grown across the world, and are of perfect quality. All products are ground and packaged at our factory using innovative technology,..

The company is uncompromising in its quality standards , “In order to preserve quality over time, with no exceptions or issues, we decided to focus not only on production but also on import; this way we can supervisethe entire process, from start to finish. We have also been loyal to a number of selected growers for more than two decades. We take no short-cuts so that we can always be in first place in terms of quality” emphasizesYonathan. He adds “My goal is for all of our products to be free from MSG and gluten by the end of 2016 – for the benefit of both the public who need them to be, and for the general public, who today are moving towards healthier food and pure seasonings without additives.”


From the private market to the professional market

“Every customer is equally important to us, private or professional, it doesn’t matter. We want to provide everyone with the best shopping experience. Ourproducts are innovative and technologically advanced and we have no doubt that we have the respect of the market as we have won innovation awards at two international competitions – Private Label and Kosherfest” says Yonatan.


Looking to the future

It is the special combination of knowledge, ancient secrets, modern technology, innovation, and fresh raw ingredients that give Neptune’s products their intense colors, excellent flavors and intoxicating aromas. In addition,as Neptune looks to the future their sites are set not only on outstanding products but also to growingtheir export business and making their products available in both Europe and the USA.

Production will continue to be in Israel.

Yonathansummarizes: “In order to always be viewed as innovative, we are committed to maintaining our high-quality service, staying on top of new trends in ethnic cuisine, and meetingthe various challenges that arise. Always developingnew seasoning mixes that meet this markets unique demands.”